Makeup Review: Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara

I am a makeup junkie. I am fairly certain that to explain all the reasons why would take up an entire blog post of its own. The long and the short of it though is that it is another creative outlet to express myself to the world through visual presentation. I am always looking for inexpensive, good quality makeup. I could easily go broke buying all the things I drool over by my favourite brands (One of my best friends who knows nothing about makeup actually braved a Sephora to get me a gift card for the winter holiday, because he knows me well.)

That said, I thought it would be fun to write a review on a new mascara that I tried: Covergirl Plumpify BlastPRO.

My go-to drugstore mascara brands are Covergirl and Rimmel, so when I saw the ads for this mascara when it was first released, I knew what my next tube of Mascara was going to be. I am always looking for mascaras that will give me volume, since I think of my lashes as generally pretty thin, and I also have this terrible habit of pulling at my lashes and so I get self-conscious about any perceived gaps that I have that I must fill with volume on my other lashes.

I finished the tube that I bought a week or two ago and like the camera phobic person that I am learning not to be, I didn’t take any pictures of myself wearing it.

Plumpify Mascara
Look at that wand! Fancy!

Drawn in with the promise of volume “50x volume boost for full lashes!”, I was also super intrigued by that wand. Just look at it! It has everything! A ball-shaped tip for separation and length; tightly set, mostly rigid plastic “teeth” for liberal application; a twist for curl. I have seen a few people react to this wand and go “WTF” and seen a few complaints about it being large and unwieldy, but to me this wand looks like a masterpiece of mascara-wand engineering. I didn’t feel disappointed by the wand, either. It did everything it was designed to do: lengthen, separate, and apply mascara.

The formula of this mascara however, left me with lots of things desired. Now, don’t misunderstand, I am an intelligent adult woman and I know I’m not going to get lashes like Katy Perry has on the full-page magazine ads I saw for this. Especially when there is a tiny-print disclaimer on the bottom corner of the ad reminding the consuming public that she is wearing lash extensions and isn’t actually modelling the product she’s selling. I loved the way this product went on my lashes, largely due to the wand but also because it was super pigmented (black black black) and glided on like a dream.

The formula creates a sort of tube around the lash, sort of like some fiber mascaras do. I have seen people complain that this made it difficult to take off, although I did not find it to be so. What I did find was that it didn’t stay on my lashes all day, but would slowly find its way onto my cheeks and below my lash line, giving me the dreaded this-isn’t-on-purpose-because-I-am-emo/goth/punk/teenaged raccoon eyes. Ick. I also found that it was flaky and I was frequently getting it in my eyes. Which of course led to me rubbing my eyes and smearing it even further around my face. Whoops.

Another note is that this is not a waterproof mascara. If you are a person who cries sometimes before you take your mascara off (Let’s be real, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there.), has allergies, needs to be outside ever when it snows/rains or even if you just have watery eyes; I would avoid this mascara. But I am admittedly biased towards water resistant formulas anyway. I almost didn’t even try Plumpify because it wasn’t water-resistant.

Purple Mascara
This is the mascara I had before and the one I bought after.

All together, I wouldn’t buy Plumpify mascara again. When I used it for deliberately heavy black eyes I wasn’t as worried about the smearing, but getting it in my eyes all the time can be downright dangerous for my eye health, which is certainly something I try to keep in mind when choosing a mascara. I will keep and clean the wand for use in other tubes, because I think it is fantastic and I haven’t seen one like it anywhere else.

I will continue to be on the lookout for new formulas/brands that catch my eye in the hopes of those ever-elusive long, dark, full lashes.