Posting Schedule

I’ve decided that I’m not going to try to hold myself to a regular posting schedule. I’m still going to try to get at least one post up  each week, but maybe I post it Monday or Friday or whenever.

Hopefully, this will help ease some of the “deadline stress” that I have going on sometimes when committee reports are due and whatnot. It also allows me to give myself permission as it were to not hang onto posts for days and feel like I can’t write about something since the internet moves so fast and something that happened on Sunday, no one wants to read yet another piece about it on Thursday.

Thanks for all your support by stopping by here and reading and even engaging directly with me on what I’ve written.

2 thoughts on “Posting Schedule”

  1. Perfectly reasonable when your posts are about things “in the now” rather than topics that can be explored at any time. As much as it occasionally causes me a little bit of stress, I am glad I committed to my schedule because I generally don’t write about current events (with two exceptions) and because I am sure I would not have been able to produce as many as I have if I never felt like I had to get it done. On a related note, sticking to a weekly schedule has given me a new appreciation for how much work those who publish daily have to put in…

    1. That’s reasonable. I am wondering what direction I am going to take this blog. I hope that once I get some things sorted out I will get back to a regular posting schedule. My guess is that it will not be on a Thursday though, probably more like a Sunday evening or something. And especially not in the afternoon so that, frankly, I can write a post under the wire of my deadline. Deadlines (artificial or otherwise) do me well, for the most part.

      I also appreciate the work that people who churn out weekly or more frequent content do.

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