Posting Schedule

I’ve decided that I’m not going to try to hold myself to a regular posting schedule. I’m still going to try to get at least one post up  each week, but maybe I post it Monday or Friday or whenever.

Hopefully, this will help ease some of the “deadline stress” that I have going on sometimes when committee reports are due and whatnot. It also allows me to give myself permission as it were to not hang onto posts for days and feel like I can’t write about something since the internet moves so fast and something that happened on Sunday, no one wants to read yet another piece about it on Thursday.

Thanks for all your support by stopping by here and reading and even engaging directly with me on what I’ve written.

Let’s Talk it Out: Blame v. Responsibilty

Most mature people understand that blame is rarely productive. Anyone remotely away of feminist activism around sexual assault has probably heard the term “victim blaming”. Victim blaming  generally defined as “when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them”. It can happen in all sorts ways.

This is a direct continuation of the subjects of my previous two posts. If you need a content warning for sexual abuse of various kinds, this is it.

So let’s continue on with where I left off in my last post:

There’s a strange sort of sick logic to this line of reasoning. But even knowing that the thinking is flawed doesn’t always stop the cyclical nature of the thinking that leads into “I must have deserved this, because I am unworthy of love”.

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Let’s Talk It Out

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few weeks, dear Readers. I have actually heard from some of you telling me how much they have been missed, which is pretty appreciated. Because I am not a blogger who has a super-specific theme to my posts and because I believe the adage that “the personal is political”, I am going to talk about why I haven’t managed to post.

Let’s talk about mental illness.

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Why I have asked my sisters not to have their kids call me Auntie

Sorry for the lack of post last weekend. I was preparing for an out of town, weekend-long business meeting and it completely slipped my mind until I was in the car on Friday afternoon!

Since I know you are intelligent people, you likely gathered several things from the title of this post: (1) I have sisters; (2) they have/will have children; (3) I have asked them not to call me “Auntie” or encourage their children to do so; and (4) I have reasons for this that I believe in strongly enough to take the time to explain publicly.

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Time Tracking

A few weeks ago, I began an experiment where I tracked my time to see if I was acting in line with my priorities.

I used a great free app called Now Then (for iPhone). I could customize all the categories and assign subcategories wherever I chose. It gave me enough line items to be able to break some tasks into sub-tasks, but not enough to get unnecessarily detailed. I recommend this app to anyone wanting to try this experiment in their own lives. In fact, I would recommend that anyone even remotely interested in trying this do so. You might be surprised to learn some things about yourself.

Here’s what I learned:

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Fulfillment > Happiness

The unalienable rights described in the United States Constitution are famous around the world: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Some scholars believe this phrase to be inspired by the philosophies of John Locke regarding government’s purpose to be to protect property. Variations on this phrase can be found in constitutions and organizations in countries around the world. In a political context, since language and the meaning of words can change over time, what this meant when the US Constitution was written is likely not the way most people understand the phrase today. Conversations about the role of government, property rights, and civil liberties aside (don’t worry, it’s not forever), let’s talk about “the pursuit of Happiness” as most people today understand it.

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Priorities, Goals, and Living Deliberately

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a busy person. I design my life that way. While I might occasionally get overwhelmed if a bunch of things come up all at once and I have a bit of a crunch week, I prefer to be busy over bored. I don’t know if you’ve heard the cliché “only the boring are bored” but I find truth in it.

The thing about being a busy person is it encourages me to live my life deliberately. I began thinking more about living deliberately after a conversation with my friend Katie and reading her blog post about her tiny apartment. Everything I do takes time, which is my most precious commodity. What (and who) I spend my time on needs to reflect my priorities, which means I need to know what they are. Continue reading “Priorities, Goals, and Living Deliberately”