Priorities, Goals, and Living Deliberately

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a busy person. I design my life that way. While I might occasionally get overwhelmed if a bunch of things come up all at once and I have a bit of a crunch week, I prefer to be busy over bored. I don’t know if you’ve heard the cliché “only the boring are bored” but I find truth in it.

The thing about being a busy person is it encourages me to live my life deliberately. I began thinking more about living deliberately after a conversation with my friend Katie and reading her blog post about her tiny apartment. Everything I do takes time, which is my most precious commodity. What (and who) I spend my time on needs to reflect my priorities, which means I need to know what they are. Continue reading “Priorities, Goals, and Living Deliberately”

I Am This: Demi-Romantic

This post originally appeared on my Tumblr in 2014. It has been updated and edited for clarity.

This is the newest label that I am trying out. I suppose I’m not 100% sure that it fits quite right, but that’s the beauty of being able to determine who I am for myself. [UPDATE: I have since adopted this label as part of my identity.]

I know it’s pretty cliché that the journey of self-discovery is more important than the destination, but I’ve been learning over the past few years that often sayings become cliché for a reason.  One of the best things about this being a new label that I’m trying to sort out for myself is that I get to showcase my process of finding a label and determining whether or not it’s something that applies to me.  
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I Am This: Pansexual

This post originally appeared on my Tumblr in 2014. It has been updated and edited for clarity.

There are nearly as many ways to identify sexuality as there are people who actually spend the time to think about what to call their sexual feelings. Many of these terms are fraught with underlying meanings, based on historical, societal, geographical, and generational context.   
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I Am This: The Importance of Labels to Identity

This post originally appeared on my Tumblr in 2014. It has been updated and edited for clarity.

For most of my life I have been trying to fit some label or another, and after a while I simply gave up labels altogether and refused to call myself anything but “me”. While I am still “me”, I’ve done some reflection on the labels that I have been slowly claiming over the past few years, and their importance.
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Introducing: I Am This

Two years ago, I started a series of posts exploring different aspects of my identity and the labels that I used to describe myself. Unfortunately, I had started to post these on Tumblr. Full length blog posts sort of defeat the purpose of a micro blogging site.

So this post is re-introducing a series in which I explore labels, their importance to our self-images, their place in our lives and their relationship within our society. Please allow me to present… I Am This.

Talk Dirty To Me

Since this is my first post here I figured a good way to get started would be an embarrassing, funny sex story. Enjoy. Continue reading “Talk Dirty To Me”